Our Story

Street Food Runs in Our Family

For over 3 generation our family have owned street food stalls and restaurants in Borneo, these outlets became very popular as they were known locally as the best in the area. Now I want to bring those recipes and flavours from there to the UK.

We are very proud of what we do and what we serve, our lives revolve around food and we feel this shows in our cooking.

Ziangs has built up an amazing reputation for a tiny outlet in Porlock Weir, now its time for us to take the plunge into a full restaurant. We hope you enjoy this new venture as much as we will.

Owner & Head Chef

Chin Taylor

"The only thing better than food is more food"

Our street food is unlike anything you'll of had before, we have people travel cross country just for the day to eat at our outlet, we really hope you enjoy your experience with us and come back too.