Holiday opening times

Closed  17th November

Open again 2nd December

Closed 22nd December reopen 3rd January 

We offer takeaway as so many people have asked but we are a restaurant first, you can place a takeaway order up until 8:30pm, where as last table seating is 8pm.

We can be extremely busy, because of this we can sometimes stop taking takeaway orders, this to ensure that diners that have booked a table with us have food to eat when they turn up.

You can pre-order takeaway in advance (by phone or in person), which many customers do to ensure that they can get a takeaway. 01643 862241

We use biodegradable takeaway containers that cost a small fortune, we believe it's worth the hit to do our part in helping keep the planet clean.


The price is the same, unlike 99% of other similar style restaurants and takeaways, we do not pre-cook food weeks in advance and freeze it, then use when required as they do. Comparing them to us, is like comparing a restaurant to McDonald's, they sell cheap fast food, made for next to nothing, purely for profit, while we use the best ingredients.

Allergies: Due to the way we prepare and cook the food cross-contamination of allergens cannot be avoided. Please speak to a member of staff for further information as certain allergies we cannot cater for, this is for your protection as well as ours.